TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Tuner

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TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Tuner

Evolution of a Revolution

The TC Electronic Polytune 2 poly-chromatic tuner makes tuning your guitar as easy as strumming your open strings. This update to the original Polytune offers quicker response times and a brighter display that automatically adjusts to different environments. When you want to hone in on a particular string or set intonation, the Polytune 2 automatically flips over to single note operation with strobe display. Shop today for the best deals on new and used TC Electronic Polytune 2 tuner pedals today.

TC Electronic is Danish pedal and rack-mounted effects manufacturer. The Polytune 2 is a chromatic tuner that can tune by individual string or tune an entire chord. It indicates which strings within a chord are out of tune.

The second edition of this pedal features a brighter display and quicker response time, and it auto-detects whether you are playing a chord or single string.

• PolyTune® - Tune all strings simultaneously
• New chromatic strobe tuner ±0.1 cent tuning accuracy
• New bigger and brighter LED display with ambient light sensor
• Drop-D and capo tuning modes
• True bypass with silent tuning
• DC output for powering other pedals
• 3M Velcro for pedal board attachment

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Brand TC Electronic
Brand From Denmark
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Warranty Terms 1 year local supplier warranty
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